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Der D - Wurf ist unterwegs!

Am 04 und 05 Juli wurde Jeani ( Crosshairs Billy Jean) von Touch (Blackthorn Untouchable) gedeckt.

Das sagt Rita über Touch:

Touchy Half brother to Xsoora – but with Pike as father much calmer on the handler’s side, though still showing the wonderful game finding ability, hunting style and nose, coupled with plenty of drive. A reliable dog with a gentle and kind nature, easy to train and to live with. Loves to be cuddled and loves to cuddle 😊 – would be also a perfect coach potato… Good looking big fellow, even got an Excellent on an International CACIB dog show! Due to ongoing injuries from thornes and stickes – he is travelling fast ! – he has not competed very much yet but completed his first field trial training on an excellent level! Will show up at the end of the season, maybe on a Novice trial?

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